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Our story

Ay up me ducks (Hello my friends)

We love, and I mean really love proper Mushy Peas. So much so that we decided to share that love and supply and make our own Pealicious mushy peas right here in New Zealand.

Proper Mushy Peas are only made using dried Marrowfat peas not mashed garden peas, no, no, no me ducks!

New Zealand grown Marrowfat peas lovingly mushed in Nelson using a recipe handed down over generations with no added colourings or preservatives as we like them as naturally coloured as nature intended.

Our passion for Pealicious Mushy Peas runs through our family run business, our grand daughters even helped design our Pealicious pea character.

Simply Pealicious

Sometimes it really is the simple things in life which can really make a difference. Mushy Peas evoke childhood memories for us. Being originally from Nottingham in the U.K (Robin Hood country) we really know our mushy’s.

Whether it is eating a cup full of hot Mushy Peas with mint sauce at the Nottingham Goose fair, a fun fair which is has been running for over 700 years or simply with fish & chips by the sea with family.

Famously served with Fish & Chips, mushy peas are often called one of the most understated and famous side dishes in the world.

Proper comfort food. Pealicious with your favourite Pie and mash – Pealicious with a Sunday roast, amazing with Lamb – Pealicious with ham in a silky soup or even a mushy Pealicious curry!!

In Nottingham and many other places, they are also traditionally served on their own as a popular hot snack food with a dollop of mint sauce, mmm Pealicious!

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